Sadia Khan: Your Ultimate Guide To A Better Dating Life (E010)

Sadia Khan is an online coach who specialises in one-to-one relationship and dating recommendations. Bring into play her years of experience in injury and relationship treatment, in addition to her scholastic background in Psychology, Sadia has actually had the ability to enhance all elements of her customers’ dating lives. In this episode, Sadia used her proficiency on dating-relating endeavours such as keeping a healthy relationship; dealing and making the very first relocation with psychological injury.

0:00 Introduction
1:22 Sadia’s expert background and balancing work life in Dubai
4:40 The unfortunate reality of contemporary dating and relationships: “practicing for divorce?”
8:20 Dating and the various kinds of females in Dubai
13:13 “Men benefit toxicity” and the opposite of OnlyFans
19:26 Male and female body counts
25:40 Are high worth males most likely to be cheated on?
31:00 Top 1% women, monogamy and self-discipline
36:26 Making the very first relocation, rejection and the possible issues of a public relationship
45:41 The very first date, who’s paying?
49:35 Personality clashes in a relationship
52:58 The pal zone and whether females and males can be simply buddies?
1:03:55 Open relationships and unfaithful
1:07:40 Dealing with psychological injury and sincerity
1:15:42 The most typical issues in a relationship
1:18:30 The effect of social networks in a relationship
1:24:00 Sadia’s dating life and life for males in their 20s
1:29:33 Love, achieving objectives and beginning a household
1:37:02 “Debunking” Myron’s book
1:40:55 Ending

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