Stages of Love relationships in between a Couple – Mercy To Petal – Romance Short movie

Social love, relationship and life get in one’s youth and remains as one of its vital qualities. These are as versatile and unpredictable as the human mind itself. They are the very best sensations of appeal and euphoria however at the very same time, oppose and demean human and ethical worths. We are never ever sure which method these sensations would take us, and what they would result in. What makes us various from animals, is our continuous whirlpool of ideas. It is the supreme power that chooses what is to take place, and what is not. See the story of 2 young hearts unfold, who start with a jubilant and unimportant relationship just to wind up into something various experiencing myriad scenarios. Will grace be offered to those who ask for it? Or will forgiveness be lost at the corners of a blind street.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Santanu Mandal
Editor: Sumita Saha Debroy
Music: Ramesh Chatterjee and Sourav Biswas
Cinematographer: Tamojit Bardhan
Smita Chakraborty
Pranjal Banerjee
Sreetama Das
Akash Sarkar.

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