Sufficient Sex|Anka Grzywacz|TEDxZurich

Why do we make sex so made complex? How can we streamline our sex lives and have a good time in bed once again? Anka Grzywacz takes us through various life phases and describes how we can enjoy our sexuality at any age. She shares insights from her practice as sexologist and volunteer work as sexuality teacher. Her pointers comprise the structures of Good Enough Sex. Daily intimacy does not need to be dull or average. Anka welcomes us to deal with sexuality like a play ground for grownups. Listen, get influenced and have a good time in bed once again! Anka Grzywacz is a sexologist and Certified Sex Coach. Her enthusiasm is to assist hectic couples support love and desire in relationship. Back in her house nation, Poland she hosted an across the country radio program “The Good Sex” in Radio TOK FM. For over 15 years she was associated with reproductive and sexual health and rights (SRHR) advocacy. She co-founded a leader group of volunteer sex teachers “Ponton”. She resides in Zurich with her partner, young boy and 2 felines. This talk was offered at a TEDx occasion utilizing the TED conference format however individually arranged by a regional neighborhood. Discover more at.

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