The Modern Astrology Obsession, Explained

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Why is astrology still so dang popular?

The science behind astrology is, perhaps, a little … undecided. Why are individuals still so obliged to compare themselves to their increasing indications? Let’s learn in this Wisecrack Edition: How Astrology Became Mainstream.

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00:00 – Intro.
02:49 – A Brief History Of Astrology.
04:46 – Sun Signs and Modern Astrology.
08:40 – What Astrology Does For United States.
11:00 – Conclusion.

Composed by Amanda Scherker.
Hosted by Helen Floersh.
Directed by Michael Luxemburg.
Movement Graphics by Benji Dunaief.
Modified by Brian M Kim.
Video Title Card by Amanda Murphy.
Produced by Olivia Redden.
Extra Production Assistance by Evan Yee.

Music thanks to Epidemic Sound.

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