The Shameless Flirt by M.A. Nichols, The Ashbrooks Book 2 (Complete Regency Romance Audiobook)

Can a deserted child unite a not likely set? Achieved flirt Ambrose does not understand how to look after the baby he’s requiring to the nation, and spinster Mary can’t help however assist when it’s clear Ambrose runs out his depth. A sweet Regency love!

Schedule 2: The Ashbrooks Series

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A rogue with a silver tongue, a spinster with an iron heart, and the doorstep child that brings them together.

Ambrose Ashbrook invests his life hiding. Even his household sees absolutely nothing however the roguish façade he conceals behind. When he discovers a deserted baby, all pretense is overthrown with one appearance at her dimpled smile. Understanding his sis is much better geared up to assist the kid, Ambrose climbs up aboard a carriage bound for the nation.

It’s just a day’s journey. A simple range. Taking care of a child can not be that hard …

Mary Hayward dislikes flirts. One broke her heart, and she will not enable it to occur once again, so being caught in a public coach with a chatty charmer is the last thing she desires. When it’s clear the gentleman is having a hard time to care for his young charge, Mary has no option however to provide a hand.

, if just he would be peaceful!! A gentleman like him can not perhaps have an interest in a plain spinster like herself … Could he?


All of M.A. Nichols’ love happen in the Generations of Love universe. Each book is a standalone story and can be checked out in any order with the titles being organized together into household legends. The very first in this series includes the moms and dads with the subsequent books following the next generations as their kids discover love of their own.

To see the ancestral tree & timeline, see.

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Told by Madeleine Brolly.

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0:00 Prologue.
16:28 Chapter 1.
43:03 Chapter 2.
59:45 Chapter 3.
1:12:56 Chapter 4.
1:31:14 Chapter 5.
1:46:04 Chapter 6.
2:04:13 Chapter 7.
2:15:33 Chapter 8.
2:32:28 Chapter 9.
2:47:00 Chapter 10.
3:07:12 Chapter 11.
3:26:51 Chapter 12.
3:44:33 Chapter 13.
4:07:01 Chapter 14.
4:24:55 Chapter 15.
4:45:16 Chapter 16.
4:52:43 Chapter 17.
5:18:20 Chapter 18.
5:34:27 Chapter 19.
6:01:30 Chapter 20.
6:18:25 Chapter 21.
6:32:54 Chapter 22.
6:51:51 Chapter 23.
7:17:01 Chapter 24.
7:42:29 Chapter 25.
7:54:37 Chapter 26.
8:09:01 Chapter 27.
8:25:05 Chapter 28.
8:35:26 Chapter 29.
8:53:31 Chapter 30.
9:02:01 Chapter 31.
9:11:09 Epilogue.

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