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DeVon Franklin and Tyrese talked about relationships and unfaithful throughout this #TruthTalk. In DeVon’s most current book, The Truth About Men: What Men and Women Need to Know, DeVon speaks up honestly and freely about why guys act the method they do and what everybody– females and guys alike– require to learn about it. #TheTruthAboutMen

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About The Truth About Men

We hear everything the time: Men can’t be devoted. Guys do not interact. Guy love sex. Guys are addicted to power. Flat out– guys are pets.

DeVon argues that guys aren’t pets nevertheless in the Truth About Men: What Men And Women Need To Know he utilizes the pet dog training metaphor as a method to describe the battle guys deal with and why unfavorable habits continues that can lead even the most devoted male to act versus his pledges, his stability and even his character.

DeVon supplies the handbook for how guys can become their much better self, both on an individual and a social level by offering useful options for assisting guys discover:.

– How to withstand temptation.
– How to practice self-discipline.
– How to establish higher individual discipline.
– How to interact better.
– How to enjoy themselves and the females in their lives.

Do not be incorrect The Truth About Men isn’t simply for guys.

DeVon informs females whatever they require to learn about the opposite sex. He uses females a thorough understanding of:.
– How guys’s battle impact them.
– Insights that can assist them much better browse their relationships with guys.
– Tips on how to prevent adjustment.
– Real-time relationship guidance.
– Guidance on how to recover from the damage caused by some misbehaving guys.

The Truth About Men offers guys a plan for guys to end up being the guys they were developed to be and offers females info on how to browse relationships with guys better. This book is a useful and raw user’s handbook for both females and guys alike, whether single or married.

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