UNIQUE BONUS OFFERS EPISODE: Come Follow Me Insights (Lectures on Faith, Sep 13-19)

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Timestamps (Courtesy of Tammy Hulse):.
0:00 What are the Lectures on Faith?
4:12 Etymology of the word “faith”. It suggests trust, confide, or encourage. Other words that originate from the exact same root word are: abide, house, affidavit, bonafide, positive, confide, self-confidence, fealty, fidelity, federal, federation, fiancé, fiduciary.
7:04 Overview of Lectures on faith. These lectures were training for missionaries in 1835.
10:31 Outline of the Lectures: Lecture 1– Faith, what it is. Lecture 2-6– Objects upon which faith rests. Lecture 7– Effects which stream from faith.
12:55 Lecture First: Faith is the structure of all righteousness. The function of faith within the Doctrine of Christ.
19:42 Lecture Second: God is the only supreme guv and independent remaining in whom all fullness and excellence dwell; God spreads out understanding of His presence through unique witnesses.
27:49 Lecture Third: Three things that are required to work out faith in God unto life and redemption are: (1) The concept that He really exists, (2) A right concept of his character, excellences, and associates, and (3) A real understanding that the course of life which he is pursuing is according to His will.
33:38 Verse 13– Respecting the character of God. His character characteristics consist of: (1) Creator and upholder of all His works, (2) Gracious and merciful, (3) Changes not without any variableness in Him, (4) God of reality and can not lie, (5) No respecter of individuals, and (6) God of love.
46:35 Conclusion of Third Lecture: We have actually been offered a plan that we might see an example of who we are to end up being like.
50:27 Lecture Fourth: The qualities of God: (1) God of understanding (2) God of faith or power, (3) God of justice, (4) God of judgment, (5) God of grace, and (6) God of reality.
59:58 Lecture Fifth: Unity of the Godhead.
1:09:13 Lecture Sixth: How do I understand the course of my life remains in accordance with God’s will?
1:14:33 Lecture Seventh: Effects that stream from this sort of faith.
1:21:51 Conclusion: Time effect of Lecture on Faith can have on our viewpoint of God, ourselves, and how we checked out the bibles.

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