Venus Saturn Element in Astrology: When love is obstructed …

Venus Saturn Element in Astrology is initially of a series I’m doing on the elements of natal Venus to the slower-moving generational worlds. Being familiar with our individual Venus can be an initial step to getting our requirements satisfied– in relationships and life entirely.

Venus Saturn can seem like our enjoyment center has a Stop indication or a substantial brick wall surrounding it. Love can be postponed. Relationships can be frightening. In this video I speak about why this takes place and provide you some concepts of how we can handle this condition of Saturn in our natal astrology chart.

Individuals who may associate with this video are:
Individuals with natal–.
Venus Conjunct/Opposite/Square/ Inconjunct Saturn.
Venus in Capricorn.
Saturn in the 7th House.
Venus Trine/Sextile Saturn.
Venus in the 10th H.

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