Virgo 2023 Year Ahead Horoscope & & Astrology Projection

A year ahead horoscope projection for the zodiac indication Virgo for 2023, with astrology forecasts about a few of the significant styles in the coming year, with astrologist Chris Brennan.



00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:48 Mars ending up retrograde in Gemini, 10th home
00:03:56 Saturn relocations from Aquarius into Pisces, 7th home
00:06:16 Pluto dips into Aquarius, 6th home
00:07:37 Jupiter in Aries, 8th home
00:08:43 Jupiter in Taurus, 9th home
00:10:06 Venus retrograde in Leo, 12th home
00:12:16 Eclipses in Aries/Scorpio, 8th home and 3rd home
00:15:29 Eclipses in Libra/Taurus, 2nd home and 9th home
00:16:17 Closing declarations and credits.

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