Why Alpha Men and Alpha Women Don’t Mix

Here’s why alpha men and alpha women don’t mix. Law of attraction and law of polarity play a role.

Lisa Concepcion is a Certified Professional Love Life Strategist and Dating and Relationship Expert based in Miami Florida USA who serves the word and coaches people world wide.

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This video Lisa demonstrates how to communicate with a more feminine energy.

High powered successful alpha women think they don’t need a man but the alpha female wants a man and prefer an alpha man but they repel them.

If like attracts like why can’t strong Alpha Women attract Alpha Men? This video goes into the Law of Polarity and how this plays a role in how we attract or repel people.

This video explains how to be a strong alpha female that is feminine.

If you struggle understanding feminine energy and the power it has and it is driving away the alpha men you truly want.

This is infotainment at it’s best.

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In this video Lisa Concepcion, Certified Professional Love Life Strategist, Dating & Relationship Expert and Founder of LoveQuestCoaching.com explains…
1. There is a way for women to behave that is more feminine and women are too masculine today.
2. Masculine energy is rooted in the thinking mind.
3. Feminine energy is about intuition and is more nurturing.
4. Alpha men don’t like masculine women.
5. How to attract strong men. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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